We specialize in creating highly-customized sound environments such as recording studios, home studios and music rooms, conference & teleconference rooms, bars and clubs, offices, restaurants, temples, churches, school auditoriums and much more.

Offices, Restaurants and other businesses

New York Soundproofing for offices and restaurants

We provide complete acoustic treatment services to businesses of any type and size. We can help you optimize the sound quality of your office or restaurant. We design custom sound solutions that can elevate productivity and provide your employees and customers an optimal sound environment. Let us help you the way we’ve helped so many other New York businesses!

Conference & Teleconference Rooms

New York soundproofing for businesses

We specialize in acoustic treatment for conference rooms - our professional acoustic treatment services can significantly reduce noise and echoes, which results in optimizing call quality and greatly enhancing the privacy in your conference room.

Recording Studios / Home Studios / Music Rooms

New York sound proofing for studios

We proudly provide complete soundproofing and acoustic solutions for recording studios, including room analysis, room tuning, treating problematic frequencies and specialty products such as bass traps and diffusors.

Apartments, Homes and Home Theatres


Our residential services are designed to assist you improve the acoustics of your home. We specialize in acoustic treatment for home theaters, providing beautiful products that will increase your enjoyment of music and movies and blend into your environment.

Bars / Clubs

New York Soundproofing for bars and clubs

Our professional acoustic experts can significantly improve the sound quality of your establishment, correct unwanted reverberations and reduce echo in the space, creating a pleasant setting to enjoy music and conversation, with an aesthetic design to match your existing decor.

Temples, Churches and School Auditoriums

New York Soundproofing for auditoriums

Due to their unique nature and specific acoustic needs, temples, churches, schools and other types of larger spaces require unique attention when it comes to sound and acoustic settings. Many of these rooms are shaped irregularly, causing sound reflections and noise control issues, all of which we can help with. Unique building materials, glass and windows and other attributes also contribute to the unique situations temples, churches and schools have to deal with when it comes to acoustics and soundproofing.