Audio / Video Systems

New York audio and video systems installation

Aside from soundproofing and acoustic solutions, we specialize in audio and video system installations and setup services that can utilize your space to it’s fullest potential. We can assist you in selecting and installing speaker systems, security cameras, flat screen TV systems, projectors and more.

We also offer complete teleconferencing systems for individuals and businesses of any type or size including networking audio and video systems, desk microphones, monitors, speakers, headphones, sound amplification systems, recording, broadcasting and podcasting systems and much more.

Our live music systems department can assist you with installation and setup of professional live music systems and provide you with valuable advice that can not only enhance the sound quality of your venue but also save you time and money. We have expert sound engineers that are available by request and can help you in operating and maximizing any type of live music system you may currently employ.

Recording studios, music workstations, teleconferencing rooms, home theater, home entertainment systems and much more - We do it all and will be there from the early design stages up until your project is completed to your complete satisfaction. We offer great attention to detail, custom quotes and free, friendly advice. Call us today at (877) 999-2201 to schedule your no-obligation on-site sound consultation.