Door Seals

Door Seals

Door seals are a simple way to reduce noise from escaping from your room. They close any air gaps between your door and the frame which can be very effective in muffling and reducing noise transfer through your door.

We have successfully used our door seals in a variety of situations including classrooms, residential doors in apartments and houses, offices, radio & music studios, and more.

Our door seals block out sound as well as light and pests. They are professionally installed and adjusted to ensure that a secure seal has been achieved. Door seals can be painted to match your existing wall or door color. 


How do door seals contribute to soundproofing?

Door seals play a crucial role in soundproofing by creating a tight seal around the edges of doors. This seal prevents sound leaks, reducing the transmission of noise between rooms and enhancing the overall acoustic performance of a space.

In what cases are door seals particularly effective?

Door seals are highly effective in various situations, especially in residential and commercial spaces where privacy and noise control are paramount. They are commonly used in homes, offices, recording studios, hotels, and any environment where minimizing sound transfer is essential.

Can door seals be used with other soundproofing solutions?

Absolutely. Door seals can be part of a comprehensive soundproofing strategy. They can be used in addition to other solutions, such as acoustic panels, curtains, or ceiling treatments, to create a holistic approach to minimizing sound transfer and optimizing the acoustics of a space.

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