Acoustic Upholstery Wall/Ceiling

Acoustic Upholstery Wall/Ceiling

Our Beautiful, Seamless Acoustic Upholstery System can be installed on any wall or ceiling for a continuous acoustic layer that is just as acoustically effective as it is aesthetically pleasing.

- Full coverage with a complete look: floor-to-ceiling, end-to-end coverage. 

- Limitless design: our fabric wall/ceiling system will match any curve, angle or shape with any combination of fabric colors

- Beautiful finish with minimal seams 

- Plain, textured, or custom print 

- Fire-rated for flame retardancy (Class A), FDNY approved ✅


What is an acoustic upholstery wall/ceiling?

An acoustic upholstery wall/ceiling is a system that allows for the installation of fabric-covered panels on walls or ceilings. It enhances sound quality by providing a surface that absorbs sound, reducing echoes and minimizing reverberation to create a more acoustically balanced and pleasant environment.

Can the acoustic upholstery wall/ceiling be used in both residential and commercial spaces?

Absolutely. The acoustic upholstery wall/ceiling system is versatile and suitable for various settings, including homes, offices, conference rooms, theaters, and commercial spaces. Its flexibility allows for customization to meet the specific acoustic and aesthetic requirements of different environments.

How is the acoustic upholstery wall/ceiling system installed, and can it be customized to match my space?

Installation of the acoustic upholstery wall/ceiling involves mounting the track to the wall or ceiling and attaching fabric-covered panels. Our experienced team at New York Soundproofing ensures a seamless and professional installation process. Additionally, the fabric and panel options are customizable to every angle, curve, etc, allowing you to choose materials and designs that align with the aesthetics of your space.

Are There Any Maintenance Requirements for Acoustical Treatment?

Acoustic panels require minimal maintenance, but they can be dusted. Major damage like water damage or spills must be assessed by professionals to determine the necessary repairs.

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