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Drop Ceiling Installation in NY

Traditionally, drop ceilings were designed to help hide the electrical cables, ducts, and pipes installed in old buildings and were playing more of a functional role, thus providing quick and easy access if any repairs or maintenance were needed. Drop ceiling installation can solve many problems, especially in older New York buildings, such as uneven ceilings, exposed ductwork and pipes, and electrical wiring. 

New York Soundproofing offers complete drop down ceiling installation services with a highly individual approach. Aside from installing regular drop ceiling tiles, we also offer an installation of special tiles that are acoustically superior in absorbing sound and reducing noise leakage through the drop ceiling. 

As New York’s soundproofing experts, we will consult, advise, and provide complete drop ceiling installation services with special attention to acoustic performance. 

Drop Ceiling Solutions for Commercial and Residential Spaces

New York Soundproofing offers both commercial and residential drop ceiling installation. Even if you have an existing drop ceiling and just want to upgrade it to an acoustically graded one - we got you! Our acoustic ceiling tiles can help transform your place visually and acoustically. You don’t have to choose between design and functionality - you can have both!


Aside from fixing uneven ceiling surfaces and creating a closure for exposed ducts, cables, and pipes, our acoustic drop ceiling tiles will serve the important purpose of acoustically treating your space whether it is an open office, restaurant, retail store, showroom, conference room, or any other type of commercial space. 

While focusing on the unique challenges NYC commercial properties face such as bad acoustics and echo, noise leakage, and sound transmission our experts will make sure everything fits design-wise. We will also do lighting integration ensuring all is done properly and aesthetically pleasing. 


A lot of older homes that have been retrofitted with electrical and plumbing systems will most likely have a drop ceiling installed since it's an affordable and functional option to hide uneven surfaces, cables, ducts, and pipes. And many of those homes have more issues than that, including noise transmission between floors, and high ceilings that may increase the heating cost. 

Thankfully, nowadays we have multiple solutions to help improve all of the above! Acoustic ceiling tiles are one of those. While providing noise reduction between floors and improving temperature control, this option is highly customizable and gives the ability to preserve historical aesthetics while modernizing infrastructure.

You may also consider New York Soundproofing as your drop ceiling installation company if you have a basement and would like to transform it acoustically to make it into a home theater, entertainment room, home office, or simply transform it visually without the hassle of a full-on renovation.

Drop Ceiling Services

Our drop ceiling services include (but are not limited to):

  • Full drop ceiling installation
  • Acoustical drop ceiling setup
  • Supplying and installing extra-sound-absorbing acoustic ceiling tiles
  • Custom design
  • Lighting system integration
  • Retrofitting existing ceiling
  • Repairs and maintenance

Ask one of our experts about other services we provide such as wall and ceiling panels installation, acoustic curtains, sound systems, sound masking, etc. 

Benefits of Drop Ceiling Installation

Aside from being a relevantly affordable space improvement option, drop ceiling has plenty of benefits. 

Here are the key benefits of drop ceiling installation:

Superior soundproofing

This is an excellent level up on your existing drop ceiling - swap your regular drop ceiling tiles for acoustically graded ones! Our acoustic drop ceiling tiles are Fire-rated for flame retardancy (Class A) and FDNY-approved making them not only a functional option but also a safe one.

Aesthetic versatility 

Choose your preferred color or texture from our selection to complete the design of your space!

Energy efficiency

Drop ceiling installation in older spaces with high ceilings is proven to decrease the cost of heating by lowering the ceiling and adding that extra ceiling insulation level not letting the heat escape.

Simplified access to building systems

Our drop ceiling tiles can be easily lifted to create access to cabling, ducts, pipes, etc. making them extremely functional.

Materials and Solutions

New York Soundproofing uses only materials of the highest quality. Our drop ceiling tiles are mold and humidity-resistant, Class A fire-resistant, enhance air quality, and are acoustically superior.

When choosing the drop ceiling materials for your project we will take into consideration the main purpose and result you are looking for whether it’s acoustically treating a space, fixing the uneven surface, or both. We offer a custom approach and guaranteed results.

Our Drop Ceiling Installation Process

Here’s a small glimpse of how the installation process will look like when you decide to choose us as your drop ceiling installation contractor: 

  1. The first step will be contacting us and scheduling your initial site visit and measurements, so we can provide you with an estimated cost of a project.
  2. We will calculate the price based on the measurements and the materials you choose and provide you with a layout.
  3. Once the material is chosen and you approve the project, we will work with you on scheduling your installation, considering all the building requirements beforehand.
  4. Our professional ceiling installers will prepare the surface for the suspended ceiling installation by leveling everything out and installing the ceiling frame.
  5. We will then install the ceiling tiles integrating the lighting and vents.
  6. After all is done, our team will clean everything post-installation to ensure the place is tidy and ready to use. 

We take pride in providing the best customer service on the market, so if you have any issues or questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us so we can help you promptly!

Why Choose Our NY Drop Ceiling Specialists

When choosing us you are not only choosing one of the most experienced soundproofing experts on the market for the New York area but also great customer support and satisfaction, strong attention to detail and your preferences, high-quality materials, and a smooth from start to finish process. 

The Importance of Professional Installation

Of course, you can opt to hire a friend who “does projects on the side”, or attempt to DIY, but at the end of the day, you want your home to be a safe place.

The same goes for commercial spaces, when choosing to hire inexperienced installers you will most likely face such issues as improper choice of materials resulting in bad soundproofing, code violations, aesthetic problems, and other issues.

Our team has worked in a great number of buildings in the NYC area and we pay great attention to maintaining familiarity with NY building codes, insurance, and any other requirements that might be needed.

Given our experience, we will make the process for you extremely smooth. 

Pricing Factors for Drop Ceiling Installation

When it comes to a drop ceiling installation cost, we are budget-friendly and will try our best to find the perfect solution for you. However, there are a number of factors that will play a role in putting a price tag on the project, including the room size and complexity, the materials and finishes you choose, additional features like soundproofing or lightning integration, as well as any necessary structural modifications. 

We take pride in being a transparent business and provide our clients with detailed quotes and multiple options if needed.

Contact us to schedule your free consultation today!

We service all of the NY Metro Area, the Tri-State area, and beyond! Call us today and one of our experts will help you find your best solution! 

Acoustic Treatment Demonstration

In this video New York Soundproofing demonstrates the dramatic difference before - and after - installing our acoustic panels. This acoustic treatment project was at the Galaxy Visuals video studio - a state-of-the-art video studio in Brooklyn, NY.

The video room was turned from acoustically unusable to sounding exceptional! 

When our clients moved into the space, there was so much echo they couldn't do any video shoots with decent sound, or even understand each other speak.

New York Soundproofing to the rescue! We installed acoustic panels that matched the space and could fit in an area that is outside of the camera frame for a fantastic result.

This is only one example of many where we transform an unusable space into a great-sounding room fit for recording, listening and more. 

Contact us today to see how we can help transform your space!

(Also see Galaxy's client testimonial video below).

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