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All of our projects are custom designed according to your needs, budget and on-premise restrictions. We are proud to offer comprehensive sound consultation services for any type of project and are available for on-site acoustic assessments across New York City. Once we are able to get a clear idea of the specifics of your situation, we offer you the best possible solution to optimize the acoustics of your space. Contact us today at (877) 999-2201 for your free, no-obligation initial consultation.

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On-site and virtual consultations

Our consultation services are with you every step of the way, whether you decide to do the job yourself, hire your favorite contractor to perform the job for you, or have us complete the project on your behalf. We can also provide all necessary materials and tools to you, as well as provide follow up visits and inspection services to ensure that the job is being completed in the most optimal and cost effective way. We offer on-site and virtual consultation options- our experts will guide you step by step through the process. 


What is the purpose of hiring an acoustic consultant?

An acoustic consultant provides a thorough assessment of your space's acoustic characteristics. It helps identify challenges such as echo, reverberation, and sound imbalance. This process is crucial for designing a tailored acoustic solution that enhances the overall sound quality and comfort of your space.

How do I know if my space needs an acoustic consultation?

If you experience issues like poor speech intelligibility, excessive echo, or an overall lack of acoustic comfort, your space may benefit from an acoustic consultation. Whether it's a residential area, office, or commercial space, an assessment can pinpoint specific acoustic challenges and guide the design process.

What does the acoustic design process involve?

New York Soundproofing's acoustic design process typically begins with a thorough assessment of your space, considering its size, purpose, and existing acoustic conditions. Our design experts then create a customized plan that may include the strategic placement of acoustic panels, diffusers, bass traps, and other materials to achieve the desired acoustic goals.

Can acoustic design enhance both music and speech quality in a space?

Yes, acoustic design can significantly improve both music and speech quality. By addressing issues like excessive reverberation, echo, and sound imbalances, the design process aims to create an acoustic environment that is well-suited for various activities, including listening to music and engaging in clear conversations.

How long does it take to see the results of acoustic design implementation?

The timeframe for seeing noticeable results depends on the complexity of the acoustic design and the size of the space. In some cases, improvements may be immediately apparent, while in others, it might take a few weeks to fully experience the optimized acoustic environment. The goal is to achieve lasting and effective results over time.

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