Acoustical And Soundproofing Services

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Our acoustical and soundproofing services all come with the highest standard of service and satisfaction and work together as a complete package to make your room sound at its best.  


Acoustic Treatment

Our sound experts provide professional acoustic solutions with great attention to detail and are available for no-obligation on-site acoustic guidance where they can experience your specific situation in person and provide you with a written custom solution that can fit any requirement and budget. Getting the acoustic environment of your premises right is one of the most important aspects of any space, whether it's a home office, music studio, recording workstation, home media room, restaurant or a busy office space. 

Sound Consultations

We are proud to offer comprehensive sound consultation services for any type of acoustics project. Our consultation services are with you every step of the way, whether you decide to do the job yourself, hire your favorite contractor to perform the job for you, or have us complete the project on your behalf. We can also provide all necessary materials and tools to you, as well as provide follow up visits and inspection services to ensure that the job is being completed in the most optimal and cost effective way.

Sound Masking

If your space is very quiet, or has only a low level of ambient background noise, loud sounds might be an issue. For example, in a very quiet office people will often hear conversation from nearby areas clearly and understand the words easily, because the room is so quiet and sound can travel freely. Or, in a naturally quiet bedroom, any sound that arises is more likely to wake you up than sleeping in a room with some background noise, such as fan, nearby traffic, or ocean waves. 

Sound Measurements

Did you know that excessive noise can negatively affect your daily activities, such as your performance at work, or your ability to concentrate and even your sleeping habits?

We offer complete testing and evaluation of the amount of noise and how much it could affect you, as well as offer possible solutions to minimize noise emissions or how to isolate you from noise to create a quieter environment.

New York Soundproofing manufactures and supplies wide range of acoustical products

Manufacturing and delivery

At New York Soundproofing we manufacture and supply a wide range of acoustical products, from acoustical panels, curtains, and bass traps to custom-made tuned absorbers, resonators, and diffusers. Each of the products is made locally in NYC by our expert manufacturing team comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, and is built to your particular needs and specifications. We ship nationwide, and select orders in the NYC area qualify for free shipping!

New York Soundproofing specializes in relocation services

Relocation services

If you’re moving to the new space and would like to relocate your existing soundproofing products - we are happy to help. New York Soundproofing specializes in relocation services! We will ensure proper removal and relocation of the existing items as well as do some touch-ups and cleaning of the items that might have wear or tear or change color if needed. We will then set up your new space with the possibility of adding more products to meet your acoustic and aesthetic needs.

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