Acoustic Curtains

Acoustic Curtains

Acoustic curtains are an excellent way of reducing noise transfer between rooms, dividing a large space, and stopping sound from moving through glass doors. Our acoustic curtains have a double-sided finish and are presentable from both sides.

- Very effective at both reducing echo as well as reducing noise transfer.

- Locally sewn from the highest quality acoustic fabric - the same material that is used on Broadway Theaters  

- The sliding track provides smooth, quiet sliding action, very easy to slide open and close. Motorized sliding is available upon request 

- The sliding track provides smooth sliding action, very easy to open / close. Option for a motorized sliding mechanism 

- Fire-rated for flame retardancy (Class A), FDNY approved ✅


How do acoustic curtains contribute to soundproofing a space?

Acoustic curtains are designed with sound-absorbing materials that help reduce noise levels by absorbing sound waves. They contribute to soundproofing by minimizing echoes, controlling reverberation, and creating a quieter and more comfortable environment.

In what types of spaces are acoustic curtains most beneficial?

Acoustic curtains are versatile and beneficial in various settings, including homes, offices, conference rooms, theaters, and commercial spaces. They are particularly useful in spaces with hard surfaces that contribute to sound reflections, providing an effective way to control noise and improve acoustics.

How do I choose the right acoustic curtains for my space?

The choice of acoustic curtains depends on factors such as the size of the space, existing acoustics, and aesthetic preferences. New York Soundproofing offers a range of acoustic curtains with different materials and designs. Our experts can guide you in selecting the curtains that best align with your specific sound control and aesthetic needs.

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