Acoustic Dividers and Partitions

Acoustic Dividers and Partitions

Are you tired of hearing co-workers' conversations and phone calls? Want to enhance productivity and concentration in your workspace? Looking to improve the privacy of your calls? Our new acoustic desk dividers and acoustic partitions can do all of that!

Our acoustic partitions and desk dividers reduce ambient noise and improve the sound quality of your workspace, which makes calls and video conferencing much clearer for both you and the people you are speaking with.

Our sound-absorbing dividers and partitions offer both acoustic and aesthetic improvements, creating a personal enclosure for optimal productivity with minimal distraction. Made from top-quality materials, they maximize sound absorption. Unlike many online options, our products are specifically designed to improve the acoustics in your space and the sound quality of your calls. It's not just about visual barriers; it's about creating an environment that fosters focus.

Fire-rated for flame retardancy (Class A), FDNY approved ✅

Desk Dividers

Acoustic Desk Dividers are the best way to improve the sound quality and increase individual isolation in call centers, bullpens, and open offices.

Our desk dividers come in custom sizes and are acoustically superior to most other desk dividers in the market. Our desk dividers create a personal acoustic enclosure, improve the sound quality, and yield a more relaxing, quieter work environment. Desk dividers come in a variety of colors. They can be installed with or without clamps, as needed. Our desk dividers are custom-made exactly for your specific desk size.

Folding Acoustic Partitions

A folding acoustic partition is a versatile and modular solution designed to provide localized separation and echo reduction for an individual.

Folding Acoustic Partitions is a smart and quick way to achieve better sound quality in a localized space. Free-standing and lightweight folding acoustic partitions are very easy to open, fold, and store. 

As well as improving the acoustics, they provide a great visual background for video calls. Folding desk partitions come in a variety of colors including green-screen. Custom-printed folding partitions are available (special order). 

Add a highly customizable acoustic solution to any space!

Free-standing partitions (with legs or wheels, optional window)

Add a highly customizable acoustic solution to any space!

Our Free-standing Acoustic Partitions come in a variety of colors and styles. Wide choices of fabric colors, frame material, and color, window options, as well as standing options on either wheels or legs. 

Multiple thicknesses for different acoustical needs are also applicable.

Each item is extremely customizable and is handcrafted with the highest quality materials.


What is a folding acoustic partition, and how does it function?

A folding acoustic partition is a versatile solution designed to divide and soundproof spaces as needed. It consists of hinged panels that can be folded and expanded, allowing for flexible configurations. This partition effectively controls sound and offers a dynamic way to create separate areas within a larger space.

What are the benefits of using acoustic desk dividers in an office environment?

Acoustic desk dividers offer several benefits, including noise reduction, increased privacy, and improved concentration. They create a more focused work environment by absorbing sound and minimizing distractions, contributing to enhanced productivity and employee well-being.

In what environments are folding acoustic partitions most beneficial?

Folding acoustic partitions are highly beneficial in environments where flexible space utilization is crucial. They find applications in conference rooms, ballrooms, classrooms, offices, and other settings where the ability to adapt the layout for various activities is essential.

Can acoustic desk dividers be retrofitted into existing office furniture?

Absolutely. Our acoustic desk dividers are designed to be versatile and adaptable. They can be retrofitted into existing office furniture, providing a seamless solution to enhance acoustic conditions in your workspace without the need for extensive changes or renovations.

How do acoustic desk dividers contribute to a more collaborative work environment?

While acoustic desk dividers offer increased privacy, they are also designed to maintain a balance in fostering collaboration. They provide a visual barrier without completely isolating individuals, allowing for open communication while reducing the impact of ambient noise on nearby workstations.

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