Custom Acoustic Prints

Custom Acoustic Prints

Any digital image can be made into an acoustic panel.

Our custom acoustic prints are a creative way of transforming acoustic coverage into pieces of art. From high definition photographs, company logos, and infographics, to full mural-size wall coverage up to 10’ x 50’.

Custom prints are also a great way to add flair to your video calls and enhance your brand, by having your company logo printed and installed behind your desk. Our team can help you find the perfect image for your project, and can also print custom colors so that the print fits in perfectly with your space. 


What are custom acoustic prints?

New York Soundproofing's custom acoustic prints are sound-absorbing panels featuring personalized designs or artwork. They contribute to soundproofing by effectively absorbing sound waves, reducing echoes, and enhancing the acoustics of a space while adding a visually appealing and personalized touch.

Where can custom acoustic prints be installed?

Custom acoustic prints can be installed in various settings, including homes, offices, conference rooms, restaurants, and commercial spaces. They are particularly effective in areas with hard surfaces that contribute to sound reflections, helping to control noise and improve the overall acoustics.

What materials are used in the construction of custom acoustic prints?

Our custom acoustic prints are crafted using high-quality sound-absorbing materials, including acoustic fabric and soundproofing cores. These materials are selected for their acoustic properties, ensuring optimal sound absorption while maintaining a visually appealing design.

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