Conference Room Soundproofing

Conference Room Soundproofing

Optimize the acoustic environment of your workspace!

Creating a professional and well-balanced acoustic environment in the office, conference room, bullpen, and open office spaces is extremely important for productivity and overall success. There’s no reason to endure echo and sound traveling throughout the office space making it very hard to concentrate and listen when there are extremely effective solutions available to fix and reduce unwanted noise.

Our acoustic experts in New York Soundproofing will help create that perfect sound environment without impacting the design and overall look of the place. In fact, we can even help enhance it since we offer plenty of custom options and will work with you to make the place sound great and look great as well!

We provide complete acoustic services to businesses of any types and sizes. 

Find your best solution!

Acoustic Treatment Demonstration

In this video New York Soundproofing demonstrates the dramatic difference before - and after - installing our acoustic panels. This acoustic treatment project was at the Galaxy Visuals video studio - a state-of-the-art video studio in Brooklyn, NY.

The video room was turned from acoustically unusable to sounding exceptional! 

When our clients moved into the space, there was so much echo they couldn't do any video shoots with decent sound, or even understand each other speak.

New York Soundproofing to the rescue! We installed acoustic panels that matched the space and could fit in an area that is outside of the camera frame for a fantastic result.

This is only one example of many where we transform an unusable space into a great-sounding room fit for recording, listening and more. 

Contact us today to see how we can help transform your space!

(Also see Galaxy's client testimonial video below).

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